It's Impossible To Move -- Don't Even Try It.

This is what I have learned in History of Science and Technology class so far.

"Zeno argues that to reach a point, you much first cover half the distance to a point. However, to get to that halfway point, you would first need to cover half the distance (i.e., one-quarter of the full distance), and therefore one-eighth, one-sixteenth, and so on. Since there are an infinite number of halfway points between any two end points, it would take an infinite time to cover the whole distance, making it impossible to move."

Great, I can't wait to write an essay on this.

Picture Source: Math Academy

Summer Is Officially Over!

It's September 7th and Summer is now over. In 12 hours, I'll be in my Physics class, learning and reviewing old stuff. Unfortunately, it won't be "review" for me. I have to go into my nerd mode again, kind of like last year. There's nothing much left to say, but there's school tomorrow and I'm definitely not excited. Ryerson here I come.

Picture Source: Genivar
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