StarCraft Is Back.

The game I have been waiting for has just come out. After 12 years of waiting, I find myself playing StarCraft II. Talk about relaxing, it's like a breath of fresh air. If this game didn't break CoD sales from last year, I will be very, very surprised.

It's Finally Summer, Full Of StarCraft II

Alright so my 39th post on here. Well, it's Summer now, thank God. I need to find a job real quick. So, I finally got my StarCraft II Beta after a long enough wait after being the first 100 to answer these 5 questions right on StarCraft's official Fan Page on Facebook. It took me a good 2 months of their free beta giveaways for me to finally get one. So, I'm ranked number 26th in the Silver League right now which is pretty good - but I think it's terrible. I still have to get to Gold and then the Platinum League, then I'll be satisfied.

Obviously, since I'm writing on this, it shows how bored I am. I've been playing SC2 for three hours straight now, but I want to take a break for a bit. Three hours isn't much, but it's okay for now. Well, I'm out.

Reading Week! Gran Turismo 4-Spree

Guess who's back? Me, finally, waiting for my Gran Turismo 4 to load cause it's stuck on a loading screen. It tends to freeze a lot so I'm yelling a lot nowadays. Of course, my StarCraft freezes a bunch of times too, so it's mildly annoying. Anyways, just thought I'd do a quick post on here since it is my reading week. It's been pretty boring so far since I haven't gone anywhere but it doesn't matter to me cause I love being at home anyway. Yup, that picture above is what I'm constantly driving around in GT4 - if only this were real life. By the way, that's a Cadillac Cien '02, just in case you're wondering. And yes, I still play PS2.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the most dramatic thing that has ever happened in my life. Blizzard announced that the StarCraft II Beta will be starting by the end of this month. That's 11 days.

Picture Source: IGCD

Work, Work, Work!

My mid-terms are coming up in the next couple of weeks and I really need to get on the ball. I'm definitely going to do some work tonight, which should be very fun... I went to Kevin's party on Saturday and saw a lot of people I haven't seen in a while which was good. Anyways, I'm procrastinating on my work and I thought I'd just scribble this down.

On a side note, my StarCraft does not stop freezing. It's really start to make me mad.

A Final Fantasy VII Filled Christmas Break and My Second Chance

Well, so much for updating every single day of Christmas. I was so busy playing Final Fantasy VII. I finished the whole game - except killing off Ruby because I didn't want to do any cheap tactics. I'll kill him eventually. The break seemed pretty short now that I look back on it, but it was good while it lasted. I didn't go out much, but I did get to see my two best friends which was pretty awesome!

Anyways, this semester has been pretty slack so far, I went to class for the first two weeks and my whole schedule changes one day because I'm now on Probationary status at Ryerson. Basically, the first two weeks of class were a waste of time since I now have to retake my last semester courses.

I have Geography of Danger (which I love), Discrete Math (which I will hate later), and Calculus (which should be okay if I keep up with the work). It should all be review, but towards the end of the semester I know I'll be learning new things since that's when I stopped paying attention. All I'm hoping for is to clear my Probationary Status so that I can switch out to something else - and not get kicked out. I was referred to ITM, so maybe that's what I'll be taking next year. I'm not sure yet, but Computer Science / Engineering doesn't seem like it's for me.

Picture Source: Healio Health

So Lost.

So much for updating my blog every single day... Well, this start to 2010 has been terrible at best. I took a look at my marks last night and they were so bad. I'm on probationary status at Ryerson now and that means I have to pass with at least 2.0 GPA. My marks were scary, but me not knowing what to do in the future is scarier. Computer Science is not for me.
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