Putting Edge / Hannah Montana Is The Bomb!

Yesterday I finally got to spend some time with my girlfriend. So, while waiting for her to get home, I waited on her porch and hacked into 2 peoples' networks so I could use their WiFi. After spending some time watching G4 Tech TV [!!!!!] we went to AMC. After deciding not to watch a movie, we ate Demetre's even though I'm broke. After eating my delicious crepe and after finishing off Nikki's milkshake-thing we decided to go to Putting Edge. There were no movies that we felt like watching - not even Fast and Furious - so we decided to go putting instead. On a side note, the last time I went to Putting Edge was for my 10th or 11th birthday party (according to my knowledge). In addition to me applying there, we had a great time  - even though Nikki lost her glowing bracelet. We'll probably be visiting that place more often because it's cheaper than a movie. That was my Putting Edge experience for the night. I really do hope that I get the job. $10.00 an hour would mean that (according my availability) I could have a PS3 in just a week of working. How bomb would that be?

Today, on the other hand, I've been extremely bored. Nothing new / fascinating to blog about and I'm not really in the school work mood. I have a Calculus test on Monday and a Physics Lab due on Tuesday and a Physics Test on Wednesday. It may be nothing compared to studying for those University exams, but I'm just saying. I woke up quite early this morning because I had to go to my dentist appointment. After bleeding on numerous occasions, it was over. I've been home for the past 5 hours now and have been completely surrounded by boredism. I'm considering taking a nap until 5 p.m. because I have to go to church at 5:30. On a side note, I have the sudden urge to drive!

Oh, I just thought about something funny. This morning my mom informed me that she got an e-mail from O2 (a mobile phone provider) saying that she won £415,000 randomly. My mom foolishly thought it was real but after about 2 seconds of Google'ing, I revealed to her that it was just a scam. The funny thing is that someone on the forums was being laughed at because he actually decided to give €400 to the specified address in the e-mail. My mom's not too tech-saavy, but at least she informed me about the e-mail before shipping the money - or herself. She actually got a little bit sad after finding out it was just a scam; she was actually happy for a change y'know. I love my mother.

The Climb by Hannah Montana is just about the greatest song I've heard off of the Family channel. Usually I don't like music that has "meaning" to it (aka Tupac), but this one is different. I don't know what it is, but there's just something about this song that I love. It feels like it just has so much passion / feeling. It's a different side of Miley Cyrus and it's a much different song than her Hannah Montana opening song (which I hate because it sounds to me like she's bragging a bit). Kind of hard to believe that I like this song, since I'm into hardcore rap music. Anyways, make sure to watch the video below in HQ.

Picture Sources: Lyngsat Logo, Daily Mail


Before you go and question the title, keep in mind that this is about University and nothing else. I have a day-off today and I figured that I might as well write some of my thoughts down because I rarely have time to update this. First of all, Physics is starting to make sense, but we'll just have to see after my next test on Tuesday.

Second of all, I'm having doubts about what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. What do I want my career to be? As of right now, my dream job would be to work for Dell, Blizzard or Google as a Software / Computer Engineer. Yes, that is shooting for the stars a bit, but it is a dream. Anyways, I talked a little bit about my future yesterday with Nikki and Adrian. It really got me thinking about what I want to do in the future. Do I even want to be a Computer Engineer? Every University student questions themselves about this same topic, "Do I really want to be doing this job for the rest of my life?" I don't really know if I want to be a Computer Engineer anymore because I'm kinda sorta leaning towards Software Engineering. I know being an Engineer will be extremely tough for me, but I'm willing to put myself to the test. A couple of my friends have struggled in Engineering-based courses so I am having my doubts, but I'm just going to have to test it out for myself. I am sure about one thing though, I will not be an Electrical Engineer, LOL. I might even go into Computer Science to see where that leads me. We'll just have to see what offers I get - if I get any - from Ryerson; I'm praying to get accepted into Computer Engineering for, at least, first year.

I'm anxious to see how I do, even though my main focus should be this school year.

I almost forgot. Last night me and my girlfriend were talking and I brought up the fact about how I love Astronomy and Liquid Nitrogen. The whole knowing about life and stars out there and Super Conductivity (video below) really fascinate me. Maybe I'll even major in something around those lines. Keep in mind that the video below does have quite a lengthy intro, so you might want to skip forward a little bit (approx 0:50 mark).

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