New Semester

Since this is just my thoughts blog, i don't always have to talk about something meaningful all the time. My schedule is as follows:

8:30 a.m. - 9:45 a.m. -> English
9:50 a.m. - 11:50 a.m. -> Spare
11:55 a.m. - 1:10 p.m. -> Calculus
1:15 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. -> Physics

Last year, i got a 70 in English and it was actually my best course last year. My average last year was a pathetic 61.7%. Yes, i know i did terrible last year, but i've turned that around this year. Although, my marks still aren't great, they were a significant upgrade from last year. My average, this year, in Semester 1 was 72.7%, so i thought that was a pretty good semester, even though i know i could have done better. I hope that i can maintain an average of 80 this semester, so that i can bump my overall average to a 78.7%, which would get me into University easily. Even though i only need a 70 - 75% to get into University, it doesn't hurt to be above the required average. Anyways, like i said, i have English for first period and i hope that i can maintain an 80 in that class. I feel that blogging has, at least a little bit, improved my English skills. For Calculus, i should be able to bump my old 62% to an 80% easily. Keep in mind that my average was so low last year because of the devilish World of Warcraft. Anyways, my toughest course will definitely be Physics because i haven't taken Physics for 2 years and it's the only course that i didn't do last year. I already know how my typical day will go, if everything stays the same. In English, i will just do my work and stay quiet all period, since i know absolutely no one in that class. From 9:50 a.m. - 11:05 a.m. i am going to read my Google Reader on my laptop in the library. From 11:05 a.m. - 11:50 a.m. Sarah from my Religion class last semester will join me in the library, so that i`ll have someone to talk to for a bit. For Calculus, i will be bored, but i`ll listen to the teacher anyway. I`ll probably also do my work while he teaches, since i know the whole semester already. For Physics, i will have to actually listen to the teacher, since it`s a new course. I might even end up getting suspended this year because they have a new `policy`on lateness, which sucks for me because i have to take 3 buses to school.

The good thing about this semester is that it`s my last semester at my high school. I`m tired of the boring everyday high school life and i just wished i had tried last year, so that i`d already be in University. Last year was such a waste of a whole school year. There`s nothing to blame except World of Warcraft myself.

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Being Two-Faced

So, this is my first post on this new blog of mine. I will talk about some of my thoughts on a certain subject and i might even throw in a summary of my day. If i feel like, that is. This new blog won't be as updated as my other techy blog, since i won't have something to talk about every single day.

My first blog post will be about being two-faced. Everyone knows another person who is two-faced. Most of the people on this planet are two-faced in some way. What does being two-faced mean? I feel that being two-faced is when one person exercises the act of making 2 separate parties happy simultaneously. While the person is busy making one 'party' happy, the person also talks badly about the other 'party.' No, i did not pull that definition from a site and yes, i did make up that definition on my own. Sorry, if the definition doesn't make complete sense, but you should get the gist of what i am saying. I've known a couple of two-faced people in my life, but one that certainly stands out is Mr. Hill. That may not be his real-life name, but that will be his codename for this blog. So, Mr. Hill was two-faced to pretty much everyone he was in-contact with. He'd suck up to anyone he was 'friends' with, including me, but he hid it really well. When i found out that he was being two-faced to me, i quickly shut him out. I didn't really pay attention to whatever he did, even though we were good friends in Elementary School. I don't really know where i am headed with this rant but, basically, most people are two-faced in some way. Everyone should keep a close eye on your friends because you never know who you can trust or who will talk badly about you behind your back. Luckily, i now know who my true friends are and i know who to trust and who not to trust. Since, i learned about this two-faced-ness at a young age, it prepared me for the future. Shout-outs go to 2 of the most important people in my life today: my best friend, ashlee (not capitalized because that's how she likes it) and my other best friend, but also my girlfriend, Nikki. I'm looking forward to a new start next year in University because it's kind of sad that i only talk to you two. Well, it's not sad, since i am happy that i have the both of you there for me all the time =D.

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