I Really Hate Physics

This is just the beginning too. I hate Physics. I've been staring at the same question for 1 hour+ right now and i don't get it. I hate drawing FBDs, but that's because i don't know how. I'm screwed for my quiz tomorrow and am also screwed for the next 5 years, since i'm going to have to deal with this crappy course throughout University. It's really retarded and i don't know how else i can describe it. Really, really pointless. Too many numbers and letters. I'm probably going to have to stay after school, cause i don't get the past 3 lessons. It's so stupid. I think i should give up. My sickness is also bringing me down. It's causing drowsiness, my eyes are already starting to get droopy. I can't stay focused and i want to go to sleep. I'm not going to say, "Fuck my life," because everyone already says it too much. I'm just babbling on and on about nothing really. I'm not even going to bother editing this because i don't really care if i have on-going sentences and what not. Blogging is pointless, sort of. I lied. But, it causes me to procrastinate more, so that's a negative. My girlfriend won't even talk to me cause apparently music is more important than i am. And she was listening to [ew] Jonas brothers. All-in-all, it's been a pretty rough day so far. I want to go to bed.


The weekend where i was planning to catch up with my Physics homework and i feel like crap. My immune system has failed me and on the worst possible weekend. I feel so lazy, although i did finish my Calculus and English homework today. I am not really in the mood to do Physics and shovel the snow. Lame. I'm so lazy and i'm currently procrastinating. Hence why i'm making this blog post instead of doing my Physics right now. Damn it! Anyways, i shall go review my Calculus then it's time for the dreadful Physics nightmare.

My Girlfriend Has Potential

The title says it all. My girlfriend has potential. But, wait, potential for what? Potential to be a gamer. As you may already realize i am extremely bored, since MWC is done for the day. So, i'm going to talk about my girlfriend. She's been wanting to play this game called Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, for a long time now. Just about as long as i've been waiting for Starcraft 2 to come out. Well, maybe not that long. She was looking forward to playing it in the Summer, but she couldn't find the game. So, she blamed her brother for losing it. She also wanted to play this game during Christmas time, but she still hadn't found it. Well, she decided to clean her room one day and came across the game. It was under her bed. Haha!

This brings me to my main topic. My girlfriend has potential to be a gamer. She has barely moved all day. For the past 6 hours she's been on her bed playing Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life for GameCube. What a loser. She's changed positions on her bed a couple of times though (LOL), since that's her comfy chair. Her gaming kind of reminds me of my WoW'ing back in the day and it just fascinated me that even she could get hooked to games. She dislikes when i play games, but she wants me to be happy and she let's me do what i want. So, if i'm playing games, she rarely stops me. I'm also an excellent multi-tasker so it's not like i'm ignoring her. But she, on the other hand, is not a very good multi-tasker. We're on Skype right now and i just tested her multi-tasking skills. I said, "Hey!" to her and she answered after a 4.7 second pause. Usually though, she wouldn't hear me, so it was surprising that she actually answered. She has unlocked this gamer potential just recently because she has this whole week off, and so do most of you reading this, because it's 'Reading Week.' Maybe one day we'll be able to play a game together. WTB (Wanting to Buy) Harvest Moon for the PS3 PS2. I still love her though, even though she's in this trance playing this game. It's like we've switched roles today; she's playing games and i'm bored, not doing anything. It's okay though, i'm glad to see that she's so into it. She looks happy, even though her yams just died. I still love you loser =D I'll be your friend, just in case someone in the game doesn't want to be.

Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life picture: http://www.gamershell.com/ps2/harvest_moon_another_wonderful_life/box.html


Ahh, gotta love the sight of fake thugs walking around everywhere. Especially in Mississauga. It's funny how people can claim that they are "gangsta" just because they blaze, have a bunch of shoes and hats. But, if they were to go to a real 'hood' in the US, they would instantly get their ass jumped and robbed for everything they have. You wouldn't even be able to protect yourself. Especially when your so-called "gang" consists of about 6 asians, all of which brag about failing classes. A gang called Triple K? But, you call yourself "niggaz." It makes me wonder sometimes. Mississauga is just too kind sometimes. But congratulations! Seriously. I find it hilarious, to be honest. I'm not saying that i'm "gangsta" because i know i am not. I just hope somewhere in your life, someone teaches you all a lesson. Some people are just hopping on this SB Dunk and Fitted's bandwagon. Really? You have 16 pairs of shoes? What a waste of money. Actually, you know what, that does not really matter to me. It is your money and you can spend it however you like. But, i think it's a waste of money. You make your mom and dad pay for your gas and car insurance and you have a job. Some of you people out there just need to wake up. Help your family out instead of pumping that Kelly Clarkson in your car, cause i know that's your favourite song. You snub me in the mall in front of Mr. Sub like you don't know me. Even though i cleaned up your fucking mess everyday in the summer, since you used to come over every single day. He'll probably even somehow read this, but he's not going to say shit. That's because we don't talk anymore and if he were to comment, it's not like i'd reply. He's changed. I'm glad though, to see you happy with your life and it stills annoys me to this day that our friendship ended the way it did. But i mean, people move on and sometimes you just have to learn to suck it up, just like i did. Since you can't even clean up for yourself. It was kind of annoying that you assumed that i'd clean your fucking mess up all the time. Oh well, you were my best friend and i did that shit cause it didn't really matter at the time. I knew that we'd be good friends in the future, but it looks like i was wrong. Ever since i moved it has not been and will not ever be the same ever again. It sucks, but what can i really do. I kind of drifted from the main topic, but whatever. He's one of those "gangstas." What a joke.

Picture Source: http://ganglandguide.blogspot.com/2008/01/blood-in-blood-out.html

My Letter to Physics

Dear Physics,

I hate you at times. I know that we are on break right now. I am also aware that you are "the science of matter and energy and their interactions," but you are just too difficult to handle right now. You and all of your many [derived] equations makes it extremely hard to figure you out. Sometimes, even the smartest of people have trouble figuring out exactly what your answer is, since you seem to be giving mixed signals. I've had you in my arms for only 4 days and i am already having problems dealing with you; this could be due to the fact that i haven't held you for over 2 years. It doesn't feel the same. I am looking back and reviewing what you told me 2 years ago, but i just can't understand you. I don't understand why you choose to speak in numbers and not words. You briefly explained Vector Components to me, but i still don't understand what you mean. I'm currently having problems trying to figure out your Final Velocity, even though you've told me your Initial Velocity and Average Acceleration and Time. Why are you putting me through these tests? It's been over 3 hours, yet i've only done 25 questions. If my calculations are correct, that is an Average Velocity of 8.33 homework questions / hour. Please tell me if that is correct; if it is not i can Change. I am having my doubts about you, but i'm going to be with you for the next 4 years of my life. If we're having problems now, Physics, how will we work out in the future? Will this relationship work in the long-term? Can you handle all of my frustration that i will let out on you as Time passes by? I really do hope that i can figure you out because i've been studying you for, what seems like, forever. I really hope you do understand because i am trying my best. But, will my best be good enough for you?


Physics Definition: http://www.google.ca/search?rlz=1C1GGLS_enCA310CA310&aq=f&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=define:+physics

The Birthday Party

I went to a party on the night of January 31, 2009. It was Direct's (codename) birthday. Direct used to be one of my best friends, but that changed throughout the high school years. Anyways, it was his 19th birthday party. Me and my girlfriend decided to check it out, since there were free drinks. We got there and my ex-girlfriend opened the door for us, her name is Purpz. As soon as me and my girlfriend walked in, Direct was already throwing up and Purpz was taking care of him. On a side note, Direct and Purpz are cousins. For the first hour, the party was dull. It was starting to get more interesting as more people showed up. It was good to see the boys again, since it has definitely been a while. Luckily, my girlfriend and Purpz actually ended up getting along quite well, which was surprising. Anyways, more and more unknown people continued to show up, but it was okay. Direct's cousins showed up and it was no surprise that they were a bunch of "gangstas." More about "gangstas" in a future blog. Anyways, we watched UFC on illegal satellite. Me and my girlfriend ended up splitting a disgusting Budweiser and that's when my drinking started. After the Budweiser i had some Green Apple and Blueberry Smirnoff. I can actually still taste the Blueberry Smirnoff and it's been more than 24 hours since i've consumed it. Throw in about a bit more than half a cup of Grey Goose and i was done for the night. While this was happening a white guy jumped off of the deck and did a front flip into the snow. I don't really know how high the deck was because i told my girlfriend to take a video of it for me. Basically, i didn't witness it for myself. Anyways, i was sitting down and some girl behind me almost threw up on me, which was just a bit disgusting. She got some of it on my sweater, which my caring girlfriend cleaned for me =). I can't recall what happened the entire party, so i'm just trying to type down what i remember. Oh yes, a beer bottle shattered on the pool table because someone shot the cue ball while the beer bottle was on the table. Beer spilled on the pool table and i was actually stupid and clumsy enough to end up spilling Grey Goose on the table afterwards. Uhh, i didn't really get to talk to Direct too much, but i didn't expect to anyway. What else happened? Lots of smoking outside, i didn't join. Oh yeah, back to UFC. After the boring pre-fights, it was finally time for the main event. We watched the GSP vs BJ Penn fight. I actually missed the whole fight, so i'm going to watch it this week, during my spare. My girlfriend informed me that GSP won, so that was a good thing. She told me that the fight was boring, which was upsetting. My girlfriend took care of me while i was tipsy, so i thank her for that. I also remember getting a bit PDA while i was tipsy, but i mean, that's okay right? I think so. Before Purpz left, my girlfriend told me that we both hugged her, which i completely do not remember. My girlfriend said i had a "blackout," whatever that is. On the way home, i threw up in the car because it was a pretty bumpy ride. My girlfriend also mentioned that i was saying things in my sleep and that i threw up again when i got home. Overall, the party wasn't as bad as i expected it would be. This was the first day where i can say that i actually drank. I'm usually not the drinking type, but i guess that day was an exception. I was actually complimented on my drinking, the word "champ" was mentioned.

I may miss the past, but i'm definitely looking forward to the future. I did enjoy the time i had with the boys, but it was probably a temporary thing. Although, i do hope that i keep in touch with a select few of them.

Happy Birthday picture: http://www.lakecrest.ca/admin/index.php?p=news
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