Off To My Girlfriend's Place I Go!

So, I'm all ready to leave for my girlfriend's place today. I was supposed to leave at 9:15 a.m. to bus to her house, but my mom offered to drive me so I now have 30 minutes to spare. Before I talk about today, I'll talk about yesterday.

Gotta love Saturdays. The day where I'm supposed to catch up on all of my work - especially because I'm going to be at my girlfriend's place today. Yesterday from about 3 p.m. - 3 a.m. I watched this show on BET called 'The Game.' I didn't even know what it was before today, but I did notice that a couple of my friends on Facebook became "Fans" of the show. Well, the show is pretty good, I'm not going to lie (I did watch it for about 12 hours). In addition to having a couple of hot girls, the storyline is actually decent but it's not exactly brand-new. It follows the traditional boy and girl together, they break up, go out with other people, then they come into realization that they're still in love later, etc. It's actually pretty funny, but it's not as funny as 'The Wayans Bros.' I don't really want to explain every character in depth because I don't want to make this post that lengthy. Anyways, it's a pretty good show, I like it.

On to today. Like I said, I'm going to my girlfriend's house today. We're going to watch the last two episodes of 'The Office' and then go to the movies and watch 'Duplicity.' I don't really know what else we're going to do after that, but I'm going to have to leave before 7 p.m. because that's when they leave for church. I haven't seen my girlfriend for over a week, so I miss her. I can't wait to leave, even though I'm about to eat bacon and I just brushed my teeth. I dislike brushing my teeth, but I'm going to have to do it twice this morning. Talk about a crisis.

On a side note, my girlfriend finally made a new post - you can view her blog in my right sidebar somewhere. It was her first post in about 6 weeks. She even took the time to alter her layout a little bit. I love her.

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My Only March Break Journey

I went somewhere on Friday. The place will be undisclosed, but I slept there overnight on Friday. Since GO buses are a rarity on Saturdays (which is stupid) I had to find another way home. I had to take a bus to get to GO Station (#1), a GO Bus to GO Station (#2), a GO Train to GO Station (#3), a Mississauga Transit to a Mississauga-Brampton terminal, and 2 Brampton Transits to get home. So after getting to GO Station (#1), I was left alone and had to find my way home using the aforementioned route. It was my first time having to take this route, but I had to do it in order to get home. It was well worth it and I might as well talk about it. It's better than doing Physics.

Like I said, I was dropped off at GO Station #1 and I was on my GO Bus to GO Station #2. I didn't really know where I was going, but fortunately someone got on the bus and was headed to the same GO Station #3 where I was headed. I took notice of his bright red shirt and scrawny look (ashlee's type). Anyways, I drank a bit of the Nestea that I had in my bag and I stayed awake the whole time. I was in the front of the bus and paid attention to everything the GO Bus driver was saying. She was in contact with other people, I guess they were people from the "main" office. They were mentioning that there were track difficulties of some sort at GO Station #2. I was already worried about getting lost using a perfectly planned out route and this just had to happen. The GO Bus driver made an announcement that, "Due to track problems", everyone boarding the GO Train had to take another GO Bus to some other GO Bus Station in order to take a train from there (aka another route that I was unfamiliar with). This really, really confused me and I started to panic - only in my head of course. I figured that the guy in the red knew what he was doing since he was headed to the same GO Bus Station #3 as I was. Anyways, we got to the Go Station #2 and the bus driver made another announcement that the track was miraculously fixed and to board the train on Track 4. I got out of the bus and, just for safe measure, I spoke to the guy in the red. I asked him if he was headed to GO Station #3 and he nodded, so I followed him. Kind of freaky, but whatever, I wasn't going to risk getting lost. Little did I know that everyone was headed on the same GO Train, lol. Anyways, we were all at Track 4 when a new announcement was made. "Everyone headed to GO Bus Station #3, head to Track 2." Everyone rushed out, since the train was set to leave in 1 minute. So after some pushing and shoving, I'm pretty sure we all made it. I got on the train safely and my journey continued.

I was on the GO Bus and there were a bunch of loud people, it was annoying. Surprisingly enough, they were not black. I'm not racist, but let's get real, they fit the stereotype. From my point of view, all I could see was 1 asian, those typical ones you see everywhere in Canada. They act "gangster" / cool, but they don't dress "gangster" or nerdy (or cool). Anyways, their loud-talking and swearing annoyed me all the way to GO Station #3, so I couldn't sleep and I was too lazy to pull out my laptop. Sure enough, we got to GO Station #3 safely and my journey continued again.

I got to GO Station #3 and the noisy group on the bus was revealed. The aforementioned asian was accompanied with another asian with long hair (enough to cover most of his face), a brown guy and a random-looking white guy. Since their (and my) Mississauga Transit was at the terminal already, they decided to be cool and jump over the fence. 3 of them made it over successfully, but since the brown kid was quite chubby, he didn't make it over. I laughed out loud at him, but didn't climb the fence since my bag weighed about 17.3 pounds. He ran as fast as he could to get to his friends and catch his bus. I calmly walked out of the station and still had 2 minutes to spare. It turns out climbing over the fence was a waste of effort and strength since the bus never left for another 2 minutes. The bus driver wasn't even inside of the bus. Eventually, the bus driver did get on his bus and I walked in. Being the idiot that I am, I paid $3 CAD for the bus fare. Little did I know, if you have a GO Train ticket (which I had), you only had to pay 60 cents, since it was considered a semi-transfer. Well too late, I had already paid my 3 dollars. I sat down in the middle of the bus and the posse sat at the back. I began to fall asleep, so I pulled out a book, "Fifth Business," since I had to read it for school anyway. I figured that I might as well read it since I had time. I read slowly because if I rushed I wouldn't understand a thing. Later on during my bus ride, I saw someone I knew was familiar. It didn't occur to me right away, but I soon realized that I see him everyday of the week - when I have school, that is. He was the person that always got off the Brampton bus when I get on the Brampton bus on my way home from school (sorry if that's confusing). Anyways, the bus finally got to the Mississauga-Brampton terminal and my journey was almost finished.

All that's left was 2 more Brampton transits and I'd be home. I guess today was my lucky day, since all of my transferring stops were timed perfectly. I never ever had to wait for the bus or train and I loved that. I got on my Brampton bus and was on my way home. I began to read my book again and altogether only finished about 12 pages in the span of around 1 hour, 15 minutes. Pathetic, I know, but there were a bunch of distractions in addition to me falling asleep. Anyways, there was a black kid on the bus and, to no one's surprise, he was loud. He was about 13 years old and had the nerve to play music out loud since he was probably too poor to afford headphones. Thankfully, he got off after playing about 3 songs; I noticed that he played 2 Soulja Boy songs and "You Got It Bad" by Usher. Nice playlist buddy. About 10 minutes later, I got off my bus and, again, perfect timing for my next bus. I got on my last Brampton transit bus and was finally home.

Now that was my only journey of my whole March Break and it only lasted around 3 hours or so. T'was a great night and well worth the journey.

Result of Nikki Not Being Home On a Saturday

So, Nikki wasn't home for pretty much the whole day. This is what happens when she's not home. My day:

-   I woke up at around 9 or something, i don't really remember. I woke up because Nikki called me and that's all i remember.
-   I think she called again later after she finished showering, again i don't really remember.
-   I went back to sleep.
-   I woke up at 12:27 p.m. to eat breakfast (Bacon, Ham and Eggs, yum).
-   I went back to sleep.
-   I woke up at around 2:25 p.m. and read my whole unread list on G-Reader.
-   I went back to sleep.
-   I woke up at around 3 because some guy called me and then i went back to sleep.
-   I woke up at 3:50 and decided to blog. After that i went to sleep again.
-   I woke up at around 5 something because Nikki called me and woke me up.
-   I ate grapes. After 2 plates, i went back to sleep.
-   When Nikki got home, at around 8, i woke up since she called me.
-   Since then, I uploaded some pictures on Facebook, watched Star Wars (on Spike TV), watched 2 Family Guy episodes online, watched half of the last The Office episode online (cause of Megavideo's time limit thing) and also watched the UFC 96 main event (yes, Rampage).
-   I've also been reading Fifth Business [again] for the past 3 hours (really only 2, due to clocks pushing forward or whatever).

That concludes my day, very sleep-full and very boring-full. Time for me to go to bed yet again. I was supposed to do homework today, but clearly that didn't happen. Tomorrow will be a Physics-filled day. I'm mildly excited.


Another English writing folder thing, but it'll be the last one i post so don't worry.

Extended Definition Poen

is not the same as being alone; is a state of emptiness
is hopelessness, a sense of insecurity
caused by alienation, grief, abuse
results in resentment, depression, suicide
is the current economic crisis that worsens

Poem Fuelled By Anger

I had to make a poem about anger for my English writing folder, so i thought i'd decide to share it with you guys, since i already handed it in. That and i'm also completely bored. It was a cause and effect poem, hence why it is structured the way it is. It's kind of lame and fairly tech-related in a way (referring to Internet going down). I also related it to Starcraft (tasting sweet victory), although i make it sound like a sport. Anyways, no need to make fun of it, it was for school.

When you are at the mall
Waiting, waiting patiently
And that special friend
Never shows up.
When you are doing your homework
Worth 40 percent of your overall mark
And your Internet goes down
For the rest of the night.
When you can taste sweet victory
Like your mother's fresh home-cooked meal
And one silly mistake
Costs you the game.
When you find out that
Your colleagues are cheaply chitchatting
About you behind your back.

Life is a journey
And you may go through mood swings.
You will feel unhappy
Even push those close to you away.
Being angry gives others
A negative vibe.
Whether you decide
To show it or not
You will feel different
Inside and out.
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