Alright so my 39th post on here. Well, it's Summer now, thank God. I need to find a job real quick. So, I finally got my StarCraft II Beta after a long enough wait after being the first 100 to answer these 5 questions right on StarCraft's official Fan Page on Facebook. It took me a good 2 months of their free beta giveaways for me to finally get one. So, I'm ranked number 26th in the Silver League right now which is pretty good - but I think it's terrible. I still have to get to Gold and then the Platinum League, then I'll be satisfied.

Obviously, since I'm writing on this, it shows how bored I am. I've been playing SC2 for three hours straight now, but I want to take a break for a bit. Three hours isn't much, but it's okay for now. Well, I'm out.